What Is Zotova

ZOTOVA is a unique decentralized platform supported by blockchain technology that aims to provide exclusive benefits and Revolutionary features for you. The ZOTOVA platform is powered by the ZOA Coin Ecosystem which provides a variety of technological advantages including POS (proof of stake), masternode, ZOA wallet, dApps, ZOA DEX.


Zotova Technology


Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm that is used to validate blocks. This consensus method replaces the mining process in PoW with token ownership. The token holders do not need to do complex mathematical calculations, just by holding Zotova coins in certain locations. The greater the coins held in the staking process, the more likely the coin owner to get a prize in the form of transaction fees or gifts in the form of blocks in the blockchain network.


Masternodes are servers found on decentralized networks that have a number of features including direct delivery, personal transactions and instant transactions . Zotova Masternode is a network server that stores transaction data (blocks) in real time, and confirms this so that it is the same as you run a full and active bitcoin wallet. To build a ZOTOVA Masternode requires 2000 coins as collateral, 2000 ZOTOVA coins must be transferred to the masternode address that you will create and you run a 24-hour nonstop wallet. You don't need to worry because the coin stays in your wallet so you can still control the coin. If you take the guarantee coin automatically the masternode will not run.


Zoa Wallet aims to make it easier for users to control all assets of the ZOA blockchain. Zoa Wallet consists of 3 parts namely Zoa Wallet Mobile, Zoa Wallet Browser, Zoa Wallet Desktop


ZOADEX presents a decentralized platform as a whole or in total that fundamentally impacts that this platform does not conduct fundraising, due to the absence of deposit patterns from ZOA DEX platform users.

ZOA Coin Metric

  • Name


  • Ticker Name


  • Algorithm

    QUARK (POS - MN)

  • Max Supply

    100,000,000 ZOA

  • Block Time

    15 Second

  • Block Size

    3 MB

  • Masternode Collateral

    2,000 ZOA

  • Premine

    100.000 ZOA

Distribution Of Premine Coins


Team development

We allocate 7% of the total premine supply to the team. This is equal to 7,000 ZOA. Our team is developing ZOTOVA and promoting it to the community.


Project development

ZOTOVA pays special attention to long-term development. And we allocate 75% of the total premine supply for project development of 75,000 ZOA Coin.



We allocate 15% of the total premine supply or 15,000 ZOA Coins for advertising, we are confident that consistent advertising will bring ZOTOVA to the gate of success



Our promotional event is Bounty, with a total supply of 2% of the total supply of Premine or 2,000 ZOA Coin. This is a rewards program for users for participating in ZOTOVA platform development and improvement.



Another promotional event is Airdrop, with a total supply of 1% of the premine of 1,000 ZOA coins. We recognize the important role of internet citizens for zotova branding with the concept of benefits; then, get free ZOA coins.

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